MyGamesList.net is a website for listing your games. A backlog that has a modern look with none of the social media bloat found on other sites.

Organizing your library when it is not only large but spans over multiple systems can get frustrating. We searched through websites that offer this same feature but found the way it was done to be sloppy or saturated with unwanted junk.

Sharing your list with others is a great way to show all the games you own, have completed or are generally interested in. But we're only here to offer you the best listing service we can provide. The amount of social media, gaming news and gaming community related sites are seemingly endless and we highly suspect you use sites that already fit your needs on those fronts.

Therefore we are nothing but a list. A list you may keep for only yourself, share with your friends, or post and display in other places. This was a service we found useful and we hope you can use it too.


Personal user data is only used for verification purposes on this website. No outside sources have access to user data. There are no ads or analytical services of any kind employed.

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